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How Bedbugs Follow You Home

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Bedbugs are sneaky by nature, slipping into your home when you least expect it. They can hide in walls, along your bed and in your blankets. By knowing how a bedbug infestation begins you can work to prevent bringing bedbugs into your home and know how to stop an infestation before it gets out of hand. 

What Attracts Bedbugs To You

Every time you exhale you emit carbon dioxide. Bedbugs are able to sense your breath and are also attracted to your body heat. These two signals are what draw them to feed on you in the middle of the night. Contrary to popular belief bedbugs are not attracted to dirt and clutter, and can target clean homes. However, having a lot of clutter gives the bedbugs additional places to hide. This can make it more difficult to eliminate them.

How To Prevent Bedbug Infestation

Bedbugs rarely show up to your home on their own. Typically, they attach themselves to you while you're out and become exposed to another infestation. Bedbugs can find you in hotels, movie theaters or a second hand sofa. They like dark, quiet places and dwell in tight seams around furniture and beds.

If you're concerned about bringing bedbugs home, check hotel rooms and furniture thoroughly. Check mattress seams around the hotel bed for signs of bedbugs. Bedbugs look similar to apple seeds or lentils and may leave small blood splatters where they've been feeding. If you see signs of bedbugs in your hotel room, get another immediately. You should never bring your own linens to a hotel, because that provides an easy route for bedbugs to come home with you. If you do decide to bring your own linens, wash and dry them at a high temperature when you get home.

What To Do If Bedbugs Have Found Their Way To You

One of the first signs a bedbug has started feeding on you is the development of a red rash around the bite site. The first thing you should do is wash everything in as hot of water was possible in order to kill the bedbugs. If possible use lightly colored clothing and sheets because it make it easier to see the bedbugs. You should also vacuum aggressively to curb the infestation from spreading. Borax powder loosely sprinkled on your box spring and around your bed may deter the bugs as well.

However, your efforts to eliminate a bedbug infestation may not be enough. The best thing you can do if bedbugs have found their way into your home is to hire a pest control professional. The pest control technician will be able to treat your home using pesticides or heat. A heat treatment can eliminate bedbugs and their eggs, so you can rest easily in your home again. 

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