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Think You Have Bedbugs? What To Try Before You Call The Exterminator

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If someone in your home wakes up with bites on them, you might automatically think that you have bedbugs. These critters, thought to be eradicated several years ago, are making a comeback due to chemical regulations. These opportunistic bugs hang out around your bed because they seek your blood. But you can eradicate these tiny vampires yourself if you move quickly.  

Strategic Application of Rubbing Alcohol

Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Vodka works as well. Although it's more expensive than rubbing alcohol, you won't have the smell.

Pull the sheets off your bed and wash them in hot water. If your mattress has a bead, which is a raised roping along the edges, on the perimeter, pull it back and look for the bugs in the seam where the bead meets the mattress. Even if you don't see any, they can be hiding and waiting for you to go to sleep. So, spray the alcohol into the seam of the bead and mattress. Do this all the way around the perimeter of the mattress.

The alcohol kills bedbugs on contact, so spray the entire mattress with the alcohol.

Spray the alcohol into cracks in the wall and in the baseboards. Look around the room to find other hidden areas where these bugs might be hiding.

Note: Don't spray your clothes with the alcohol. Instead, wash everything in hot water and dry them on high heat. This may mean that you'll need to throw out some of your clothes, if you have some that absolutely cannot be hot-water washed or dried in a hot dryer. 

Clean With a Steam Vac

Even though the alcohol kills bedbugs on contact, it doesn't eradicate the eggs. Rent a steam cleaner and use it on the mattress and carpet. The machine not only leaves your carpet looking brand new, but it sucks up any eggs that are waiting to hatch new bugs.

Since bedbugs love to hitch a ride to other areas of your home, go ahead and steam clean the furniture and carpets in your other rooms as well. Even if nobody else in the home is experiencing bites, it could be only a matter of time before they do, so steam cleaning can help prevent a potentially big problem.

When to Call For Help

Once you have completed the above steps, wait a week to see if any more bites appear. If not, then you may have solved the problem, or you never had bedbugs to begin with. If more bites do appear, or if you begin to actually see the bugs, call a pest control company, like Pest Control Solutions, for a full inspection. They will take it from there.

The sooner you get control of your potential bedbug problem, the sooner you'll prevent their spread through the home. Ask your pest control expert for more ideas on taking care of this situation yourself, so that you and your family can get a good night's sleep without the worry that little critters are lying in wait for you to go to sleep.