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Bed Bug Control Takes Time And Determination

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Bed bugs are tiny insects that bite you to feed on your blood. Effectively achieving bed bug control and elimination takes time, dedication, and hard work. As with any bug infestation, it is easiest to take care of at the first indication they are present.

How You Get Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in your home does not mean your home is dirty. In most cases, they are brought in after staying in an infested hotel. Even the finest hotels can be infested. You may not be aware you had been bitten. Often people confuse a bed bug bite with a mosquito bite. Sometimes the red swelling and itching does not start a few days after you were bit. Therefore, it is important to wash all your laundry as soon as you return home from a trip. If it is possible, wash your luggage as well. If it is not possible, use the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner on the luggage. Be sure to get in all the corners and crevices. Treat any second-hand bedding or linens the same way.

Finding Bed Bugs

Sometimes you are not aware you have bed bugs until the situation is bad. Unlike other bugs, these tiny insects can easily go months without eating. Keep an eye out for tiny reddish fecal spots on your bed linens. While the linens are being washed, look over the mattress, especially in the seams, for specks too. It would not hurt to use your vacuum's wand attachment to go over the entire bed, the mattress, box springs and headboard every couple of months.

Professional Pest Control

You may have to use professional help for complete bed bug control. The chemical pesticides professionals use are more powerful and effective than those available over-the counter, only licensed professionals are able to purchase them. If the infestation has spread to more than one room, this is probably in your best interest. If the little critters have moved from the room of origin, they are likely to be in your carpets and other furniture.

Preventing a Reinfestation

It will be important to continue cleaning all bedding material after having a pest control professional use heat or chemicals on your house. Vacuum daily, going over the furniture and beds, to make sure every last bug is gone. Take any vacuum bags to the outside garbage immediately after you have finished. Keeping bedrooms free of clutter is another step in getting rid of bed bugs. Do not give them a place to hide and reproduce. Go around the house looking for cracks they may be able to get in through. Fill any openings you find with caulk. Check around the baseboards and windows inside. You do not want them finding a way back into your house once you have gotten them out.

Do not get overly upset if you find you have bed bugs in your home. Take the time to clean or get rid of any infested furniture and bedding, call a professional, and follow up with more cleaning. Bed bug control and elimination are possible when you follow all the steps. Contact a company Bug Busters for more information.