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Identifying And Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Did you know one out of every five home in the US either is infested with bed bugs or knows someone else who is? The unfortunate truth is bed bugs are not easy pests to get rid of. Taking the time to learn more about them is the key to keeping them at bay if you don't have them and exterminating them if you do.

Identifying Bedbugs

Unfortunately, the only way to be sure you have bed bugs is to have seen and/or captured one of them inside of your home. An individual who has been bitten by one of these pests my develop welts, swelling, or an irritated rash after being bitten. The bed bugs are so small that the bites may not be noticeable for days, if at all. Some people have no reaction to bed bugs and the bite never leaves a mark. For this reason, you cannot base whether or not you wake up with small bug bites as concrete evidence as to whether or not you have bed bugs.

Bed bugs are flat, tiny, and wingless pests with six legs. They feed on the blood of both people and animals. They range in color from brown to nearly white. However, they do turn a rusty red color after they have been feeding. An average bed bug will not grow to be much larger than 0.2 inches long.

Exterminating Bedbugs

Getting rid of your bed bug infestation is a process that will take time, dedication, and patience. There is no quick solution and they are not going to go away overnight. Naturally, you have both chemical and non-chemical extermination options to choose between. For starters, all of the clothing, bedding and mattresses in your home will need to be washed. Use as much heat as possible to wash and dry your items as bed bugs are very sensitive to heat. If you have an interest in using both chemical and non-chemical bed bug treatments or you are worried about using something that could hurt your family or pets, reach out to an exterminator for assistance.

With this information in mind, you should have a much easier time determining if you have bed bugs and how to get rid of them. Once you are sure you have bed bugs, you can decide if you want to pursue exterminating them on your own, or if you want the help of an expert like Garrie Pest Control. Even with the help of an expert, however, you should still take care to wash all clothing and bedding in your home with as much heat as possible.