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Keeping Mice Out Of Your Wooden Shed

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If you have a wood shed on your property, you most likely use it to store some of your home's landscaping tools. Since a shed does not usually have layers of insulation along its walls, mice can get inside easily if precautionary steps are not taken to ensure they stay on the outside. Here are some steps you can take in protecting your outdoor enclosure and valuables from gnawing mice.

Evaluate The Exterior Walls

Do an assessment of the exterior walls of your shed, noting where there are voids that can be used by rodents to slip inside. Use caulk to fill in any cracks. For larger holes, stuff pieces of steel wool inside before covering with pieces of flashing, closing off the openings completely. If wood pieces seem to be deteriorated in excess, you will need to replace them with a new pieces to keep mice from getting inside.

Take Away Attractions

If you have water sources near your shed, chances are mice will stick around the area as they will have an easy spot to grab a drink when needed. Turn off fountains when they are not being enjoyed and cover kids' pools, ponds, and bird baths during nighttime hours when mice are awake and foraging for food or drink.

If you have a wood pile in your yard, consider moving it to an area far from both your home and shed so mice living within the logs do not have an easy option in walking to an enclosed structure when temperatures get cooler. Instead of keeping your garbage in a shed where it can be smelled through thin walls, consider keeping garbage cans in a garage instead.

Use Some Deterrents

There are several natural deterrents that help keep mice on the outside of enclosures without the need to harm them. Dab cotton balls into a container of peppermint oil and place them around the interior perimeter of your shed. Mice tend to shy away from this scent and it will help keep your shed fragrant with a pleasing odor when you walk inside. Refresh the scent every few weeks as needed. Dryer sheets work in the same way. Simply place them in your shed and notice how mice droppings are no longer showing up regularly. 

Place a fake owl on the roof top or some rubber snakes on the ground to keep mice away as they will think predators are nearby. Getting a cat to patrol around your property is another way to keep mice from becoming bothersome, although the mice may get harmed using this method.

If you still have a stubborn mice problem after trying all of these methods, consider calling an exterminator like Godfather's Exterminating Inc to help rid your shed of mice.