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3 Ways To Take Measures Against Spiders In Your Home

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Although many people consider spiders a beneficial presence in their house – they often get rid of other pests, for example – there are plenty of people who consider spiders a nuisance in their own right. If you're one of the latter individuals, you've come to the right place. Included throughout the course of this brief guide are a few ways to effectively take measures against spiders in your home. If these methods do not work for you, it is recommended that you contact the services of a trusted spider exterminator or pest control service.

Do Not Stack Wood Against Your Home

If you live in a rural area, do not stack wood piles against your home. Spiders tend to make their home in places that are dark and dry, which is exactly the sort of conditions that a wood pile can provide. Stack your wood as if it were a freestanding sculpture in your back yard, or otherwise place it in a shed.

Spider Stick

Spider sticks are a great DIY project that can rid your home of any spiders that are present in it. Simply take a broom or mop handle and, using duct tape, attach a rag or towel to the opposite end in such a way that the padded end resembles a ball. If you are comfortable using an insecticide, then spray this on the end of the mop. Look in the corners of your home, ceilings, and other dark areas in which spiders love to make their home. Simply pin the spiders that you find with your spider stick and rotate the handle, effectively smothering them. This also works well when you find spider webs. When you are finished, simply remove the rag and towel and wash it.

Trim Foliage Around Your Home

Some types of spiders will build their homes and webbing in plants and other foliage around your home. If you notice an influx of spiders in your house, you may want to spend some time trimming the plants around your home. It's also important to frequently cut grass so that it does not become so tall that it becomes hospitable to spiders.

If you find that spiders have become a commonly found pest in your home, there are luckily ways to cope with the situation. Hopefully, this guide has served to inform you of just a few of the ways in which you can make your home and property just a bit less hospitable to the presence of spiders. Contact a business, such as Mr. Beez Pest Control, for more information.