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Spiders at Your Commercial Business? Watch Out For These 4 Types

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Some spiders are completely harmless and the only thing they may do to bother you is to build spider webs. There are some spiders, however, that are very dangerous and can even kill. If you are starting to see spiders at your commercial business, you need to know what the poisonous spiders look like to ensure you do not have these types on your premises. This will not only keep you safe, but can save you from a lawsuit if one of your employees is bitten.

Brown Recluse

You have likely heard of the brown recluse spider, but you may not know what one looks like. They are a dull yellow to a brown color and very hairy. You can know that you have a brown recluse if you see a mark on the dorsum that is shaped like a violin. Because of this, you will also hear brown recluse spiders referred to as fiddle back spiders.

If you are bit by a brown recluse, clean the area immediately and go to the doctor. In some case, a person could have a dangerous allergic reaction to the spider bite.

Mouse Spider

The mouse spider is black and is very dangerous. Like the brown recluse, you generally find these outside. They make small burrows in the ground and attacks its prey as it passes over the burrow. Mouse spiders are a brown or black color and they have short, thick legs with a glossy carapace. If you or any of your employees are bitten by this spider, call 911 immediately, as their bites are toxic.

Black Widow

Black widows have an hourglass shape on their stomach that makes them easy to identify. A bite from a black widow spider can be fatal. If someone is bitten, some symptoms they may have include muscle aches, nausea, and difficulty breathing. Even if they do not display any symptoms, you should still get them to the hospital immediately.

Yellow Sac Spider

The yellow sac spider is a small spider that is pale yellow and may have a tinge of green. They tip of their legs are very dark. They are often mistaken for brown recluse spiders. How to tell them apart is the yellow sac spider has a dark mark that runs down the middle of their body. You will generally see this spider on tree leaves, under wood piles, or any other hidden place. When the weather starts to cool down, this spider moves inside, which can cause an infestation in your business.

If you notice any of these spiders outside or inside your building, contact a pest control company like Boris Pest Control immediately.