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Be The First To Read About College Life And Bedbugs

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Are you going to be going to college soon and living in a dorm? Perhaps you are already in college and residing in a dorm. Hopefully, your dorm has never encountered a case of pesky bedbugs, but you need to be aware that bedbug infestations are possible in dormitories. Think about the number of students that reside in dorms. Also, think about students who visit their hometowns, go on vacations, or have stay-overs in hotels when they leave campus to compete athletically or academically. When you consider all of this, it is no wonder that a few bedbugs can "hitchhike" to a dorm and infest it quickly. The following are ways to handle this uncomfortable situation.

Avoid trying to spray or vacuum the bugs.

Spray tactics might kill a few of the bedbugs. It is rarely an effective form of self-treatment. This is because bedbugs may hide inside of mattresses and the seams of them. Spraying the ones you see means that you are likely leaving behind live bugs that could be hiding in your mattress, crevices in furniture, and clothes bins. The same is true for vacuuming. Even intense vacuuming that involves flipping furniture over and taking off cushions will likely not be able to reach bedbugs that have started to infest areas outside of where the vacuum can reach. 

Report the incident to someone in charge.

Early signs of bedbugs can be treated by professionals fairly easy. Infestations may require a more aggressive approach. For example, sometimes infestations are treated by using high levels of heat to kill the bugs. If you delay reporting a budding bedbug problem, then you may end up with an infestation in your dorm. This might mean that the dorm has to be evacuated to get rid of the bedbugs. 

Do not simply replace your mattress set and bed linens.

Bedbugs reproduce quickly. Even if you replace your mattress and bed linens, chances are, the bugs are already reproducing in other areas of the dorm. When the bugs are professionally exterminated, you can replace your mattress and bed linens. However, it is important to keep in mind that this will not be necessary since the bugs will be dead usually after the first extermination attempt. If the bedbugs have bitten you to the extent of blood spots being on your items, you may want to proceed with replacing items after the extermination services if cleaning and sanitizing do not suffice. 

An exterminator is a good resource to use to discover methods of preventing bedbugs in your dorm. If you follow their advice and ensure others in your dorm are educated on bedbug prevention and extermination strategies, you may be able to avoid this type of college experience or ensure that it does not wreak havoc.