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2 Ways To Encourage Your Local Bees To Move Their Hives

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If you have a negative reaction to bee stings, you are probably not going to want to have the local bee population building hives right near or on your home. Here are two natural methods you can employ next spring to ensure that the local bees build their hives far away from your home.

#1 Get Rid Of Their Water Supply

The first thing you need to do is get of the bee's food supply or make sure that it is located far away from your home. Bees need a local source of water. Make sure that you don't have any water sitting around in pots or other containers outside. If you have a water feature, you may want to consider moving it away from your home or getting rid of it if bees are a serious issue for you. Check your outside faucets and make sure that none of them drip; bee's don't need a lot of water, just a constant source of it.

If you have pets, try to keep their water bowls inside of your home or garage where it is a little more difficult for bees to gain access.

#2 Make Sure Building Supplies Are Scarce

The second thing you need to do is make sure that the building supplies that the bees need to build their hives are scarce around your home. Bees rely upon organic debris, such as decomposing leaves and grass, to make their homes. You can keep this organic debris away from your home by raking up the leaves in your yard and raking up the grass clippings when you cut the grass in your yard.

Bees also like to use untreated wood to build their hives. If you have untreated wood around your home, you don't have to get rid of it, you just have to treat it. Stain or paint any untreated wood as soon as the weather is nice enough for you to do so; this will get rid of this building supply around your home.

Finally, bees like to create their nests inside of the holes in the siding of your home. Make sure that there are not any tempting locations around your home for bees to start building a hive on your home, shed or garage. You can fill any holes in the siding of your home with caulking; walk around your home, paying especial attention to the eaves, and fill in all of the holes.

By reducing the food supply and building supply around your home, you should be able to reduce the number of bees that build your hive around your home this year. These methods are natural and will not harm the bees, they will only encourage the bees to live away from your home. Contact a pest control service if you need additional help.