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Signs You Have Mice in Your Home

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Having a mouse problem in the home is a common residential complaint. Mice enter the home for many reasons, with shelter, food accessibility, and access to water being the most common reasons. You can have mice in your home whether you live in the country or have a city apartment since mice are adaptable and live nearly everywhere.

You can have mice in your home for a long time before you know you have an issue. Mice are carriers of dangerous diseases that can transfer to humans and they also destroy food and even the home's foundation. Use this guide to help you determine if you have a mouse problem, even if you don't spot any mice. Since mice are prey animals and somewhat nocturnal, odds are you'll see signs of their presence before you'll actually see one.

Strange sounds in the house

You aren't imagining things if you hear weird scratching and scurrying noises in your walls or behind the fridge and microwave. Mice make a lot of noise as they rush about, especially at night or when the house is quiet and the rodents think the coast is clear.

Small oblong droppings

Mice leave droppings everywhere they go. If you see small, dark brown, oblong-shaped droppings in your pantry, behind appliances, or on the floor in your basement, odds are you have a rodent problem.

Odd musty smell

Mice leave behind an old, decaying, musty smell that smells somewhat like dirt and rotting vegetation. You'll notice this odor in areas where mice may nest, such as under your sink, inside unused cupboards, or in small spaces in your basement.

Old nests

Mice make nests to birth and raise their young out of anything they can find. You'll find tight wads of hair, clothing, paper debris, and other items balled up in areas where mice have nested in the past.

Open containers

Mice are chewers, so they will munch through flour bags, cereal boxes, and other food items. If you see the bottoms of boxed and bagged goods torn open and food spilled around, then mice may be helping themselves to your food supply.

Getting rid of mice is no easy task. You have to eliminate the food sources and get rid of known entry areas so you can keep your problem at bay. Mouse extermination will eradicate the current mice you have and make your home less likely to get penetrated again.