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Don't Eat The Lawn! 3 Signs You've Got Grubs

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If you have a lawn, you want it to stay looking green and lush. However, that's not easy to do when it's infested with grubs. Unfortunately, once your lawn is infested with grubs, it's just a matter of time before your yard is destroyed. That's because grubs will eat your lawn from the roots up. If you're not sure that you have a problem with grubs, take a look at the information provided below. If you're dealing with any of those issues, it's time to seek treatment for the pest problem.

You've Got Animals Attacking Your Lawn

If animals have suddenly taken a liking to your lawn, chances are good that you have a problem with grubs. Birds, raccoon's, and even skunks enjoy dining on the juicy worms. Unfortunately, once those creatures start rooting for the grubs, they'll inflict additional damage to your lawn. If the critters in your neighborhood are digging up your lawn, it's time to talk to a pest control professional.

Your Lawn Isn't Firm Under Your Feet

If your lawn is in good condition, it should feel firm under your feet. That's a good sign that the soil is healthy and that the roots have a firm foundation. If you've got a problem with grubs, you'll start noticing the difference when you walk on your lawn. The soil will begin to feel spongy as the root system is devoured. If your lawn is no longer firm under your feet, you most likely have an infestation of grubs to deal with.

You've Got Dead Patches in Your Lawn

If you've been taking proper care of your lawn – watering and fertilizer needs are met – and you're still noticing dead patches, grubs could be hard at work below the surface. This is particularly true if small patches have begun to pop up all over the surface of your lawn. The first thing you should do is turn your sprinklers on to make sure that everything is getting water properly. Next, grab a section of the dead patch and pull up. If you can pull up on the lawn, you've got a problem that will require pest control services. Those dead patches – and the fact that you can pull your lawn away from the soil – are an indication that grubs have destroyed the root system.

Don't take chances with the health of your lawn. If you've got a problem with grubs, contact a company, like Gainesville Pest Control LLC, and schedule pest control treatment for your lawn as soon as possible.