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Six Tips For Taking Care Of Laundry When There Are Bed Bugs In Your Home

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If your home is experiencing a bed bug infestation, you're going to have to rely on your laundry equipment to help you get rid of the problem. Machine washing and drying your laundry can help kill bed bugs. However, this is only true if you handle your bed bug-infested laundry properly. 

The following are six tips to keep in mind for taking care of laundry when there are bed bugs in your home.

Collect all exposed laundry

The first thing you need to do when addressing your laundry issues while dealing with bed begs is collect all the laundry in your home that may have been exposed to bed bugs.

If you overlook certain articles of clothing or bed coverings, these pieces of laundry could reinfest laundry that you've already washed. Be complete and thorough in your laundry efforts to completely get rid of bed bug infestations in your laundry.

Throw out containers you used to transport infested laundry

It's a good idea to throw out containers that held bed bug-infested laundry if they can't be washed or wiped out and disinfected.

Containers that transported infested laundry are likely to be infested themselves, so you need to either clean them thoroughly or throw them out to get rid of the bed bugs. 

Wash in very hot water

It's best to wash bed bug-infested laundry on the hottest possible laundry settings. If your washing machine or dryer has some sort of sanitize setting, you definitely want to use it. These settings make it so that your laundry is washed or dried in water that's so hot that it kills all insects and bacteria. 

Don't move infested laundry between different parts of your home

You want to quarantine affected areas of your home as much as possible. Move affected laundry directly from its location to the interior of your washing machine without putting it down anywhere to avoid spreading the infestation throughout your house.

Consider throwing dry clean only items away

It's going to be hard to get bed bug infestations out of any fabrics that you can't put through the wash. This means that you might want to simply throw away dry clean only items.

Your local laundromat might refuse to dry clean infested clothing, and the infestation might persist even after dry cleaning even if the laundromat takes the clothing. Throwing dry cleaned clothing away is the only way to be sure you're getting rid of the bed bugs.

Put washed laundry in sealed bags after it's dry

Unfortunately, bed bug infestations can take some time to go away. You need to protect washed laundry from reinfestation until you've gotten rid of all the bed bugs in your home. You can do this by sealing laundry up in plastic bags after it comes out of the dryer or finishes air drying.

To learn more about bed bug removal, contact a local pest control company.